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The Conspiracy

In the early 80’s a diffident, northern New Mexico (USA) hippie named Skye married into a nice piece of change and finally was able to finish his opus, a 90 minute video on the genius, and victimization of Nicola Tesla (NT). Yes, there was mention of conspiracy. The vid played the local circuit for a few years. It never got off the ground regionally let alone nationally, but that was before the www. If only Skye could have waited 20 years he probably would have been a feature on late night, AM, gimmick talk radio like Mark DeMucha with his Tesla Conspiracy movie. Paul Simon wrote the lyrics “every generation throws a hero up the pop charts…” and he could have just as well written that every generation drops a dreary rehash of the Teslsa tribulations down the bottomless media maw.

I’m sure that everything the public needed to know about NT could have been found on Skye’s video, the You Tube interview with DeMucha revealed nothing essentially new, but added a few details that redeemed two or three minutes of my time there from being a total waste. One of these gems was the brief discussion on how NT might have caused the 1908 Tunguska Explosion, the eradication of 2,150 square km. of timber in Siberia, by aiming his pulse generator or whatever it was at the north pole and missing by a a few thousand km. DeMucha bases this possibility on the fact that there is no meteor crater at the Tunguska site to account for the meteor that is said to have caused the wreckage. This indicates that while DeMucha read sources regarding Tesla, his research on Tunguska was a little thin. It is generally accepted by the seemingly countless scientists that have studied the phenomenon that the meteor exploded five or so miles above the surface, a fate that regularly befalls meteors higher in the atmosphere…wait, wait…I can’t say that. What I need to say is that these countless scientists from Russia and the U.S. and no doubt other places as well are all part of the evil conspiracy that is afoot to cover up the fact that NT was able to shoot a bazillion volts of electricity from the U.S. through either the atmosphere or the earth (I wasn’t clear about the exact route from DaMucha’s explanation) and drop it down or pop it out in Siberia. DeMucha said that NT took a shot at something during that same 24–hour period in ‘08 which is strong evidence in favor of this contention. The fact that there was a meteor shower associated with a perihelion of the Comet Encke two weeks prior was something obviously arranged by the Evil Conspirators to cover NT’s tracks. That certainly makes sense in this best of all possible conspiratorial worlds. In any other world someone who managed such a accomplishment would have immediately come forth to say, “I cannot tell a lie. I chopped down all those trees with my own little electro-magnetic pulse generator.” And then they would have gone on to sell their machine to a world power as the weapon to end all wars. But those kind of simple contingencies are just not available in this world, the conspiratorial one—the Evil Conspirators make sure of that.

The second DeMucha point of interest was NT’s “black box.” DeMucha recounts a story where NT acquired, apparently from the manufacturer, a Pierce Arrow luxury automobile in the early 1930s. He replaced the engine with an 80 hp electrical motor. He produced from his brief case a little “black box” with an interesting array of never before seen vacuum tubes, set the box into a space on the dashboard, depressed two rods in the box and the car ran like a charm for nine days and at speeds up to 90 mph solely on the energy that the black box “scooped up” from the atmosphere and fed into the electric motor. This was to prove his contention that he could tap into the free source of energy that is flowing all around us. What eventually happened to the Pierce Arrow, DeMucha fails to say in the interview.

This is another case of DeMucha paying attention only to his NT sources and not doing any research on the supporting cast…in this case the Black Box. If he had researched Black Box phenomenon I doubt if he would have used the phrase because it puts his hero in a funny shade of light. The classic black box scam goes thus: A buys a regular used copy machine; in the old days a mimeograph, nowadays a xerox. He makes modifications to it, mostly in the form of a hidden compartment into which he places five or six crisp new $100 bills. A takes the machine to B and says that it is the perfect counterfeiting machine and he demonstrates its capabilities by turning out a couple of samples. These of course are ejected from the hidden compartment rather than being the output of any reproduction process. But it is accomplished with some difficulty and the machine obviously isn’t working at projected capacity. A tells B that he has run out of R&D capital and reluctantly agrees to sell him a one-third share in the machine for say $50,000. A of course has another prospective investor in another location and he is on his way to conclude the deal with him. “You’re just going off with the machine and my $50,000?” B asks A, “I would feel more secure if you left the machine with me as security. Bring the other investor here.” Again reluctantly A agrees and goes off with only B’s $50,000 to find the other man. As soon as A is out the door, B turns on the machine and after some struggle gets it to spit out the last couple of $100s. And that is the last he sees of any of the perfectly counterfeited money, and the last he ever sees of A.

There are several variations on the game: 1) A, with B’s 50 yards, acquires title to a gold mine that is abandoned as being no longer productive. From somewhere very far away A buys some gold dust. Then he builds a “black box,” a very complex looking machine with a lot of electronic bells and whistles and an interesting array of never before seen vacuum tubes and this he sets into a space at the end of an equally impressive lineup of crushers, rockers and sluice boxes and then he “salts” the Black Box with his gold dust and heads off to find someone who wants to buy a gold mine, along with a revolutionary new machine that can extract placer gold from what appears to be a non-bearing medium. A will sacrifice both for far below their potential earning value because his eight-year-old daughter is in immediate need of a life-saving operation that can only be done in Sydney, Australia, etc. etc. (I’m more familiar with this version of the story as I was once employed as a p.i. in the legal defense of a man accused of doing exactly this…good ol’ Uncle Ed, he lost, he was convicted and quickly jumped his pre-sentencing bail, fled to Florida and inside of days he was dead of cancer and was cremated. We got this word from his wife. Good ol’ Uncle Ed, he always paid in $100s.)

Variation 2) A invents a carburetor that turns water into combustible fuel.

Just because Marconi swindled NT out of his now recognized invention of the radio, doesn’t mean that NT didn’t have a few tricks of his own. One has to ask some questions: Why was NT’s nephew the only driver of the Pierce Arrow? Why didn’t the Pierce Auto Company buy NT’s black box, an item that would have almost certainly saved it from going into receivership just three years after NT’s nephew was speeding this car around at upwards of 90 mph? Why didn’t the nephew keep the car and exempt himself from ever having to buy gasoline again? Why didn’t NT ever explain to anyone how the black box worked? Finally, anyone with an IQ above a -3 who lived in a parallel non-conspiratorial world would have thought of several different ways to legally cover their ass and then sold for a couple of fortunes the black box along with its patent to the people at Standard Oil for example so they could keep it off the market until they could find a way to convert the company over to Standard Black Box Inc. But that is not the way things work in this most perfect of conspiratorial worlds where a victim in the popular cultural mind will always be 150 per cent victim for ever and always, and where it is against the laws of physics for such a victim to be a conspirator themself.

In this phase of the DeMucha interview he and the talk show host were speculating on what would have happened if NT had not been bamboozled out of his black box. We would all be living off the grid, lighting, heating, cooling our homes for only the negligible cost of a little black box. Indeed, we could have all been making gold out of gravel.